MONOBLUE SafR (Safe for Rhexis)

Ultra-Pure Trypan Blue




MONOBLUE SafR is a purified Trypan blue isotonic sterile solution presented in single dose syringe containing 0.75 ml of a 0.055% solution. The syringe is packaged in a pouch. It is externally sterile to allow its use in the operating theatre. Each box contains 5 syringes.



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Features & Benefits

Features and benefits

• Temporary staining of the capsule
• Temporary staining of intrastromal corneal tissue
• Temorary staining of the Descemet’s membrane
• Visualisation of the position of the corneal graft on recipient tissues during keratoplasty

Clinical Papers

Clinical Papers

[Capsulorhexis staining by trypan bleu in mature cataract surgery]

Anterior and posterior capsulorhexis in pediatric cataract surgery with or without trypan blue dye: randomized prospective clinical study

Trypan blue to aid visualization of the vitreous during anterior segment surgery

A novel use for trypan blue to minimize epithelial cell proliferation in pediatric cataract surgery

Trypan-blue-assisted posterior capsule plaque removal

Use of trypan blue to confirm the patency of filtering surgery

Trypan blue identifies antimetabolite treatment area in trabeculectomy

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This product is not approved by the FDA for use or distribution in the United States of America.

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