MONOBLUE NafX (No Air Fluid Exchange)

High Density Solution Of Trypan Blue




MONOBLUE NafX is a purified Trypan blue high density isotonic sterile and apyrogenic solution presented in a single dose syringe with 0.75ml of 0.15% solution.
Mannitol and Deuterium oxide (heavy water) are two key components of the high density MONOBLUE NafX solution, preventing dispersion of the Trypan blue in the vitreous cavity and favoring its layering on the target tissues. The syringe and the connector are packaged in a pouch that is externally sterile to allow its use in the operating theatre. Each box contains 5 pouches (syringes+ connector) and 5 tuberculin syringes sterilized by autoclaving.



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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

• Makes staining procedures of ILM and ERM easier and safer
• Suppresses risks linked to air fluid exchange steps
• Shortens duration of vitreoretinal surgery
• Enables an effective staining of ILM and ERM within 30 to 60 seconds

Clinical Papers

Clinical Papers

Staining for internal limiting membrane peeling
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Trypan blue-assisted peeling of the internal limiting membrane during macular hole surgery.Am J Ophthalmol. 2003 Jun; 135(6):903-5

Staining for epiretinal membrane peeling.
Role of trypan blue in epiretinal membrane surgery J Fr Ophtalmol. 2005 Mar;28(3):290-7

Trypan blue staining ofepiretinal membranes in proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Arch Ophthalmol 2002 Feb;120(2):141-4

N-acetylcysteine suppresses retinal detachment in an experimental model of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Am J Pathol. 2010 Jul; 177(1):132-40

Improved tolerance of trypan blue associated with Mannitol.
1. Therapeutic effects and mechanisms of action of mannitol during H2O2-induced oxidative stress in human retinal pigment epithelium cells. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 2010 Jun;26(3):249-57

2. Mannitol, dextromethorphan, and catalase minimize ischemic damage to retinal pigment epithelium and retina. Arch Ophthalmol. 1993 Mar;111(3):384-8



High Density Solution Of Trypan Blue

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